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Cautionary Tales

This year for Halloween, I wanted to create a horror photo series. I’ve been really thinking about scenes that would be inherently horrifying when you saw them. When thinking about what would work, I started to think about my fiance. She runs by herself in the woods sometimes and it always gives me a bit of anxiety when I think about what could happen. So I started to think, why should I attempt to portray a gruesome scene when I could shoot a suspenseful scene and have the viewer fill in the rest. I tried to think of times where people could be vulnerable or just plain distracted, hence the name, Cautionary Tales.

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I spent this weekend out in Brooklyn enjoying two days of awesome music and good vibes. I went to AfroPunk fest for the first time last year and knew I had to go back this year with my camera in hand. There were a bunch of artists and bands playing that I listen to on a daily basis.

On Saturday Damian and I caught JPEG Mafia. I read an article about him earlier this year and it mentioned how unforgettable his shows were. I knew I had to check him out and see what he was all about. The guy seemed super down to earth but ready to explode at the drop of the hat. From removing more and more of his outfit between songs to his ability to rouse a crowd to an insane mob of sweaty bodies, his set was one of the most exciting ones.

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Nilo Hodge
Passions: Melissa Eick

Now that I'm in my 30's, I've been really thinking about what goes into having a child. The nurturing, the teaching, the patience and most importantly, being selfless. That's where I get hung up. I like to think that I'm compassionate toward others and try to be there for people. But do I have that trait to be completely selfless with my own child? I recently went to the home of Melissa Eick to experience true selflessness. Melissa is a dedicated and devoted mother to her daughter Maura. She was born with more complications than any child deserves and has been through more in her 2 years than most adults have in their whole lives. During my visit, Melissa showed me the process of mixing Maura's sustaining medicines and their applications. It was humbling to talk with someone so devoted to their child and I want to thank her and Maura for having me.

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Passions: Gabriel Franklin

After my first Passions post, I had a pretty good response. So I've been motivated to do another. I know so many people with interesting passions in their lives and Gabe is one of them. I met Gabe through work a few years back around the time I started photography. He came to help us with a few of our big plaster jobs and he has a really interesting view of the world and is also a fan of photography. Him and his wife Megan run a company called The Art of Plaster. You can check out more of their work at

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Passions: Mario Napoli

So I've been toying with the idea of a personal project for a few months now. I decided I wanted to connect with people through what they're passionate about and create a series called Passions. I love hearing the enthusiasm people have when they talk about something that moves them. A couple weeks ago, I reached out on social media to see if I could drum up any interest in the project and hopefully photograph some interesting people. One of the first people to reach out was Mario.

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