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Passions: Gabriel Franklin

After my first Passions post, I had a pretty good response. So I've been motivated to do another. I know so many people with interesting passions in their lives and Gabe is one of them. I met Gabe through work a few years back around the time I started photography. He came to help us with a few of our big plaster jobs and he has a really interesting view of the world and is also a fan of photography. Him and his wife Megan run a company called The Art of Plaster. You can check out more of their work at


Gabriel Franklin



So what's your passion man?

My passion is creative expression. Be it through work, art or everyday life. Continuing to learn and grow as a tradesman has become a passion of mine. The passion for the craft has melded into my art practice, and at times they are in sync. Such with these decorative floral plaster castings

It truly shows in your work. How did you come into working with plaster?

My dad was a designer/builder. He started applying some unique plaster finishes back in the early nineties and I was his mixer. Learned to handle the tools as a teenager, been practicing ever since.

I like that it's basically a family tradition now. Your floral casts are incredible,  have you always tried to involve nature into your process or was it a natural progression?

That was a natural progression, for sure. There is something very organic about plaster wall finishes; their softness, how they reflect lite, and draw one to feel more comfortable, as I feel in nature. But actually using plants in the work changed the intimacy entirely. It's casting a moment of perfection on earth.

I totally agree. I got lost looking at the casts in your workshop. There's so much detail in every piece. How long ago did you start The Art of Plaster and what are your hopes for it's future?

My wife, Megan, and I started it in 2010. With hopes to see the practice continue to grow, and find other creative ways to deepen the connection people have to their living spaces. 

And lastly, it seems like you're constantly learning and applying those lessons directly to your art. What are your short term personal goals in your craft?

I think it circles back to creative expression, short term is to continue producing and see how it then continues to evolve.